Current Lead Times

If you’re looking to purchase a product that’s currently out of stock, you’re likely wondering how long it will be until the product is available again. While we restock the most popular products we sell as frequently as possible, it’s not always possible to keep every product in stock. Be sure to use the JOIN WAITLIST button if the product you’re after is out of stock, not only will you be notified as soon as it’s available again, but it will ensure that we bring in more of that product as soon as possible.

Estimated lead times for restock from each of the brands we carry are listed below. Note that these timeframes are estimates and actual arrival times may vary. Currently, the ongoing global pandemic continues to strain international shipping logistics and increase lead times. This list is updated bi-weekly.

HIPSHOT: 3-4 months

OBSIDIANWIRE: 3-4 weeks, Strat 250k harnesses delayed until September 2021

KITTMER: 2-3 weeks

SCHALLER: 4-6 weeks

VEGA-TREM: 2-3 weeks

DS PICKUPS: 4-6 weeks for standard models, 6-8 weeks for custom shop work

GRAINGER: 3-4 weeks

ALLPARTS: 1-2 weeks for in stock items